Energy from Residents for Residents

Energy is a basic need for well-being and is one of the sectors in which an institutional revolution is currently taking place.

Welcome to foundation Future Energy Systems

We need energy every day and it is one of the sectors in which an institutional revolution is currently taking place. This offers opportunities for new markets where the interests of residents are paramount. The recently published Position Paper “Virtual Power Plants via Energy Commons” shows the essence and focus of residents’ support, but also that the energy transition requires robust technology and open source software solutions that must meet all privacy preconditions. It is precisely there that we see opportunities we want to work on.

What motivates us is collaboration and co-creation, learning from our experiences and letting each other’s complementarity work to our advantage. Decisiveness, with a strong supporting organization. This fits in seamlessly with the new vision of Europe: “Recovery and preparation for the next generation”.

Europe is committed to green and digital transitions partly in response to Covid-2019.

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Energy from Residents for Residents

An Energy Common: a composition tailored to the neighbourhood of the most optimal mix of local sustainable energy sources that are realised and managed by the people in the neighbourhood, and driven by new technologies and intelligent systems.

It is about the people in a neighbourhood who, through good agreements, realise the common. Joining forces within different sectors in the field of energy, area development and social innovation in order to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society. In addition, we must include everyone, also those who are less wealthy. And residents where, for instance, solar panels cannot be installed, but who would like to participate. We focus on an inclusive society by making equitable agreements in the Common.