Position Paper

This Position Paper describes our ideas. It is an important impulse to jointly set up Energy Commons and to develop technology for this in co-creation and to apply it intelligently.

We see a future where many consumers will no longer pay for energy as currently experienced.

In the ‘smart sustainable house’, where heating, cooling and household appliances are connected to each other and the grid, households can subscribe to local energy services. Households can increase or decrease their electricity consumption depending on the amount available on the grid. This means that the role of electricity suppliers as we know it today will change. There will be a new role for organising flexibility that combines energy patterns of households. Households will participate in balancing our energy grid, which reduces peak loads. We pass on that benefit to households.

We also see the emergence of renewable gases that replace natural gas. We are also seeing developments in heat networks. All these changes are important for optimising the neighbourhood energy supply.

Energy Commons will enter the market and offer consumers new services. Sustainability and cost reduction are important incentives. That is what the foundation Future Energy Systems stands for.


Relate; Reinforce; Renew

With a rapidly growing group of organisations, we will periodically report where we have arrived and where we plan to go. We are preparing a Roadmap for this. Relate. Reinforce. Renew.

RELATE people with new ideas, initiatives and capabilities who dare to take leadership. REINFORCE the sense that our programs and projects matter, that we can make a difference and that it is our turn to act. RENEWING our neighbourhood, our municipality, our country, Europe and beyond. And implement that.

Your insights are valuable to us. That is why we ask you to contact us or email us. You will find contact information alongside and below.


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